Le Christ ressuscité est apparu à Marie-Madeleine – The Resurrected Christ Appeared to Mary Magalene

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Noli Me Tangere (1511-12) - Titian (Titien)

Noli me Tangere = (Ne me touche pas = Don’t Touch Me = μή μου ἅπτου) – ca. 1511 – 1514
Titian (Titien) = Tiziano Vecelli = Tiziano Vecellio (ca. 1488/1490 – 1576)
oil on canvas; 110.5 x 91.9 cm
National Gallery, London, UK (Inventory number NG270 in Room 12)
bequeathed by the estate of the poet Samuel Rogers (1763 – 1855) in 1856
X-ray photographs demonstrate that Jesus was painted at first with a gardener’s hat and was turning away from Mary Magdalene. Titian also changed the landscape drastically while he was in the process of painting it.

Here is the biblical text from John 20:

Jean 20:15 Jésus lui dit: Femme, pourquoi pleures-tu? Qui cherches-tu? Pensant que c’était le jardinier, elle lui dit: Seigneur, si c’est toi qui l’as emporté, dis-moi où tu l’as mis, et je le prendrai. 16 Jésus lui dit: Marie! Elle se retourna et lui dit en hébreu: Rabbouni, c’est-à-dire: Maître! 17 Jésus lui dit: Ne me touche pas; car je ne suis pas encore monté vers mon Père. Mais va vers mes frères et dis-leur que je monte vers mon Père et votre Père, vers mon Dieu et votre Dieu. 18 Marie-Madeleine vint annoncer aux disciples qu’elle avait vu le Seigneur, et qu’il lui avait dit ces choses.

“In reply to her action, Jesus said, “Do not hold onto me.” He was not refusing to be touched but was making clear that she did not need to detain him, for he had not yet ascended to the Father. He planned to remain with the disciples for a little while; she need not fear that he would vanish immediately. Ultimately he would return to God, and he urged her to tell the disciples that he would do so.” (Merrill Tenney, The Gospel of John)

L’apparition du Christ ressuscité à Marie-Madeleine (de Livre du Saint Sacrement – 1984) – par Olivier Messiaen (1908 – 1992)
performed by Australian organist Jennifer Chou (originally from Hong Kong) at the Wellington Cathedral of St. Paul, Wellington, New Zealand, November 2008

“After a chain of somewhat cluster sounds ascending from very low to middle and high register and a 3 solo notes motif that ascend from the lowest key on the keyboard, the music enters a tranquil and mystic section after a moment of silence where Jesus calls “Marie! Marie!” (Mary). On realising it’s Jesus calling her, Mary went into rapture over the appearance of her teacher and she called out “Rabboni”. It is followed by a song of the white-throated robin played side by side with the words “Fils vers Père”, “Votre Père, Fils vers Dieu”. The bird song is followed by the revelation of the Ressurection and Ascension. In the final section of the piece, the motifs reverse direction, the ascending sounds from the start of the piece now descend from high to low, the motif of the three ascending solo notes now also descend to the bottom of the keyboard. A final mystic call of “Marie! Marie!” brings the piece to an end with dream-like ecstasy.” Jennifer Chou http://www.jennifer-chou.com/biography.php

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