Computer Dictionaries for French

I have not looked at most of these products. They are listed for information only. Please note that URLs of products change frequently as do the products themselves.

Grand Robert and Collins electronic French/English – English/French – CD-ROM PC et MAC

The Unabridged Collins Robert Electronic French Dictionary (including the Collins-Robert Unabridged French Dictionary and the Collins-Robert Comprehensive French Dictionary; an excellent resource)

Dictionnaire Hachette Oxford (Windows & older Macintosh computers)∂=cata&CID=0&RID=16&PID=30

Le nouveau Petit Robert 2011 (Mac & Windows)

Grand Dictionnaire Hachette Oxford (Windows)∂=cata&CID=0&RID=16&PID=181

Ultralingua French-English / English-French Dictionary (This computer dictionary certainly needs a LOT of editing. Macintosh, Windows, PalmOS, Windows Mobile)

Collins French – English Dictionary (Macinosh OS X, Windows, PalmOS, WindowsMobile; I have not seen the Collins French dictionary. But if it is like the Spanish one, it is OK but not very complete.)

Dictionnaire Hachette (Windows only)

Dictionnaire Hachette Oxford (Windows only)

Petit Larousse 2008 (Windows only)

Harraps’ Unabridged Pro (Windows only)

Harraps’ shorter – Français / Anglais (Windows only)

Larousse Chambers: Le dictionnaire bilingue Français / Anglais essentiel (Windows only)

Grand Robert de la langue française sur Cd-Rom (Windows only)

Widget Dictionnaire pour Dashboard (Dictionnaire francophone s’appuyant sur le dictionnaire du Centre National de Ressources Textuelles et Lexicales ( Configuration minimale : Mac OS X 10.4.3)
Télécharger widget

Le grand dictionnaire de la langue française d’Émile Littré (1873; logiciel à source ouverte; Windows et Linux)

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