French Newspapers, Magazines, & News

Here is a sampling of a few websites. Their presence here does not imply an endorsement of their content.

Le Figaro (conservative editorials)

Le Monde (center left to moderate)

Libération (politically on the left)

La Croix (daily newspaper of French Roman Catholics)

Ouest France (provincial daily newspaper)

Le Dauphiné Libéré (provincial daily newspaper emphasizing local news and events in the region Rhône-Alpes.)

L’Humanité (linked with French communist party)

Les Échos (daily French financial newspaper)

L’Équipe (daily newspaper devoted to sports)

Le Parisien (daily newspaper covering city, national, and international news)

Courrier International (center-left politically; weekly newspaper that republishes excerpts of articles from many other newspapers)

Le Canard Enchaîné (satirical weekly newspaper that leans to the left)

Le Monde Diplomatique
(politically on the left)

La Tribune (economic & financial daily)

L’Internaute (This internet magazine deals with culture and many other topics.)

France 24

Yahoo News Page (in French)

BBC (in French)

BBC (in beginner’s French)

Francophone Newspapers

Expatica – France (news in English)


Tribune Juive

Le Journal Chrétien (conservateur)

Arouts Sheva (Israël)

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