French Vocabulary – Vocabulaire français

French Word-A-Day (Kristin Espinasse, Provence, France)

French Word of the Day (Daily e-mails from Oxford Language Dictionaries Online with links to their entries)

Le Garde-mots (in French; new word each Monday and Friday; Alain Horvilleur)

Le mot du jour (in French; Anne-Sophie Norby)

Un mot par jour (in French; Jean-Christophe Latournerie)

Apprendre le vocabulaire français (Bonjour de France)

Before You Know ItBYKI (vocabulary flash card program; free & pro versions)

Vis-ed Language Cards

FlashcardExchange (carte éclair – ordinateur)

French VocabuLearn (The CDs may help with vocabulary acquisition but quickly become tiring.)
(If the links below don’t work, go to the Penton Overseas website and go to the resources for French.)
VocabuLearn French Complete (12 CDs & 3 booklets; $49.94 USD)
VocabuLearn French Level I (4 CDs & booklet; $19.95 USD)
VocabuLearn French Level II (4 CDs & booklet; $19.95 USD)
VocabuLearn French Level III (4 CDs & booklet; $19.95 USD)
VocabuLearn French Word Booster (1 CD with printable PDF listening guide; $9.95 USD)
French Verbs 101 (4 CDs & listening guide; $19.95 USD)
iSync French (for iPod or any portable media player; $15.00 USD)
iVideo French (for iPod, iPhone, or other portable media player; $20.00 USD)
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French Vocabulary (Laura Lawless)

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