Online French Dictionaries – Dictionnaires français en ligne

Le grand dictionnaire (This is probably the best online French – English dictionary.)

Le trésor de la langue française informatié (An excellent resource; Another option is to purchase this module for your Mac or PC. The purchased module runs through your web browser while you are off-line.)

Collins English – French Dictionary On-line

Lexilogos: dictionnaire françois (You can choose from a number of online dictionaries.) Interactive Language Portal (Andreas Schroeter, Thomas Schroeter and Patrick Uecker of Hamburg started this site in 2007; also includes German, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, and Turkish) (English to French Dictionary) (Français à anglais)

Dictionnaire (Encarta)

Oxford Dictionaries Online (by subscription; including the unabridged Oxford French Hachette Dictionary [4th ed])

English-French Dictionary of Common Computing Terms

Nomenclature du Dictionnaire de l’Académie françoise 1694 (This might be helpful in dealing with older texts.)

Dictionnaire du droit privé (Serge Braudo; definition of legal terms)

Tiscali French Phrase Finder

Dictionnaire (French Architectural Terms)

Dictionnaire des définitions, des synonymes, des conjugaisons, français – anglais, anglais -français

ARTFL Project: French-English Dictionary Form

Dictionnaire de la langue française

Dico des Synonymes (Laboratoire CRISCO – Centre de Recherches Inter-langues sur la Signification en COntexte)

Dictionnaires Collins en ligne

Banque de données terminologique (Service de la langue française, de Belgique; You can set the language of the word for French or English to get the French definition.)

Le Robert en ligne


Ledictionaireanglais (source de vocabulaire: Wictionary / Wictionnaire)


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  1. Hello,

    I’ve created an online multilingual dictionary including French that also helps to learn another language.
    I thought you might be interested to add it to your list.

    Here is the list of the dictionaries:
    In french:

    Best regards,

  2. Thanks, Anthony!

    It looks like an interesting website with learning tools for a number of different areas.

    I’ll look at it a little closer later today.

    Thanks again!

  3. ce cool tout les mots je cherche je les trouve
    oh ce bon ca

  4. I like your idea !!
    To learn more languages, you could also visit this website :
    That’s a language portal which also contains a French English dictionary and other dictionaries in 7 languages… On this portal you can also make funny language tests 😉

  5. Thanks, missfrenchy!

    I added a link above.

  6. Good list! Could you check also my dictionary and add also that to the list if you like it.

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